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Hospital Security Guard in Dayton, OH

At Moonlight Security, Inc., we take security service very seriously because we know that the safety of others will be in the hands of our trained guards. For this reason, we ensure that our personnel are experienced and highly-trained.

Demands of a Guard

Every security appointment is different. What is required of a security guard in a mall is not the same as what is required in a hospital. When it comes to hospital work, we know the safety of many are in the hands of our guards and that a lot of those people are at an increased risk as they are already sick or injured. This is why we look to hire professionals that are well equipped to manage the needs of a hospital. At Moonlight Security, Inc., we recognize the nuances of security guard work and make sure that our guards are prepared to handle the demands of your individual hospital.

If you are looking for a company that will provide you with security guards you can trust, call Moonlight Security, Inc. in Dayton, OH today.


Bret Michaels is safe and sound

Moonlight security had a successful night securing J.D. Legends and Bret Michaels this past weekend in Franklin, OH!